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Canyon Springs Overhead Door specializes in garage door repair. Whether you need to replace broken springs, worn out rollers, broken hinges, or frayed cables, we can help! In fact, we can help you with any concern you might be having with your garage door. It's what we do!

What we do...

Garage door repair Pitt Meadows
Garage door repair Pitt Meadows
Broken Torsion Spring Maple Ridge
Garage Door Repair Pitt Meadows
Garage Door Repair Maple Ridge
Garage Door Repair Maple Ridge

Broken torsion springs are our most common call out. All springs eventually break. As these spring wind and unwind, they work harden and become brittle. Torsion springs store  the neccessary energy to enable us to be able to lift these heavy doors with ease. We carry a large inventory of springs in our truck to ensure a quick repair. In our shop we can engineer and manufacture specialty spring assemblies. Torsion springs common to double wide doors are always replaced in pairs. All of our spring wire is manufactured in Canada

Torque Tube assemblies utilyze torsion springs as well. The biggest difference in comparison to regular torsion spring set up, is that you can not actually see the torsion spring. It is concealed inside the torsion shaft. This assembly requires complete replacement when it fails. If space allows, we usually convert it to a conventional torsion spring set up. The life expectancy is usually greater while keeping the cost at par with a replacement Torque Tube.

Cables are located along both sides of the door. They are secured to the bottom corners of the door and extend vertically. They are attached at the top to a drum. The drum is responsible for storing the cable as the door is raised. These cables are under great stress when the door is shut. They should be inspected regularily for frays. If a cables breaks the door falls. It is that simple. If the door is unlevel, the cables could be the culprit. They are always replaced in pairs.

The rollers or wheels common to each hinge assembly allow the door to roll up and down smoothly. They run in a guide or track, both vertically and horizontaly. Steel rollers were very common on the older wooden doors. They were usually quite noisey. Replacing steel rollers with nylon ones can greatly reduce unwanted noise. 






Garage Door Repair Port Coquitlam
Garage Door Remote Control Maple Ridge
Garage Door Opener Pitt Meadows
Garage Door Keypad Maple Ridge
Garage door repair Port Moody

We carry replacement remotes for most operators. If you are looking for the small keychain type remotes we carry those as well. We find that older larger remotes are often left in vehicles creating opportunities for thieves. The new keychain type remotes are small enough to easily take them with you.

Historically, operators have had a life expectancy of ten years. Recently, the market has been flooded with offshore machines that are loaded with bells and whistles and all sound quite apealling, Unfortunately, they don't seem to be lasting anywhere near the length of time they should. In most cases it might be beneficial to have and older machine repaired. If the machine must be replaced, our philosophy is we don't sell something we wouldn't purchase ourselves.

Keyless Entries are a great alternative from giving younger kids keys to the house. It is also very convenient when you are working outside and require regular access to the garage. No longer do you need to leave the door open resulting in a possible security risk.

The most common problem with Liftmaster style machines is the main drive assembly failing. It is very worthwhile just to replace the damaged drive assembly. There are some of these machines that are thirty years old and still operate well. In this case, when these machines finally quit, it might be better just to replace them.  

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