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Aspenwood Drive, Port Moody

A common complaint, with old wooden garage doors, is a gap that often appears between the bottom section of the door and the concrete. If it was a parallel gap all it would take is a few adjustments and it would be resolved. However, these gaps are generally at either side of the door. The gaps are usually on double wide doors and are usually caused by the door sagging in the middle. The door is always lifted from the bottom corners by the torsion spring assembly and not by the electric opener like most homeowners assume. The concerns with these gaps is that they are allowing rodents to enter the home. After a quick inspection of the cables to ensure they are not fraying and that they are adjusted properly, we scribed the bottom section using a .750” block and a pencil. Then using a skill saw, cut along the pencil line resulting in a parallel gap. After installing the new weather strip and making a few adjustments the gap is completely gone. If you have any concerns about your garage door, call the professionals, call Canyon Springs Overhead Door at 604 945-7595.

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