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Burke Mountain - Coquitlam

I have recently come across numerous garage doors that have had wooden trim added to make them look more unique. Its a nice idea and it looks great. However, it is important to realize that in most cases the door installer had no idea what the builders intentions were. The trim added to some of these doors can easily increase the weight of the door by a 100 pounds or more! The torsion springs common to these doors may not be engineered to lift this extra weight. This will result in damage to the physical door and mechanism over a rather short period of time. It is also a significant safety issue. If the door is in the open position and comes unlatched from the electric operator, for what ever reason, it could easily kill someone. I don't mean to create allot of drama. However, I certainly don't want 100 pounds falling on me! For more information, please call Canyon Springs Overhead Door at 604 945-7595

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