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If you seem to be going through allot of lightbulbs in your garage door

If you seem to be continually replacing light bulbs in your garage door opener, the actual light socket could be the culprit. You can easily tell the light socket on the left has suffered some heat damage. The socket on the right is obviously new. When the lights fail it is important to unplug the machine and bend the tab, in the bottom, upwards as shown in the photo of the "new socket." This way when you screw the new light bulb in, it makes a good connection. If you don't bend this tab up the light may work for a short time. However, if there is a lousy connection it will have a tendency to just arc and eventually melt the solder off the bottom of the bulb and it will stop working. If you require a new socket I have seen them for sale on Amazon. Or, you can simply call Canyon Springs Overhead Door at 604 945-7595 and we can repair it for you.

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